Be Smart - Start SMAART

  • Have your grades in college been lower than you expected them to be?

  • Is it hard to find enough time for friendships, social activities, school, sleep, and studying?

  • Do you feel too stressed, sad, worried, or distracted to get your schoolwork done?

If these problems sound familiar, you are not alone. From Kindergarten through 12th grade, teachers spend most of their time teaching academic skills, with the belief that learning these skills will help you to be successful in college.

However, teachers and parents often do not fully understand or give enough attention to other important skills. These are SMAART skills, and these skills play a major role in determining how successful you can be in college. Even students with very high IQs, students with high GPAs, and students who score at the top of the SATs can make poor grades at the college level if they do not have strong SMAART skills.

A person with SMAART skills is able to deal with challenges and manage stress effectively. SMAART skills include:

Self-Awareness: Knowing one's own strengths, weaknesses, common challenges and barriers to success.

Metacognition: thinking about thinking. Understanding one's own thought processes

Adaptation: The ability to respond appropriately and effectively to life changes and challenges

Affirmation: Choosing activities that affirm one's values, goals, and desires

Relational functioning: Choosing healthy relationships, dealing with conflict effectively

Thought modification: Replacing negative, maladaptive thought patterns with healthier, more adaptive thought processes.

During this program, I will work to help you build SMAART skills. We will work on applying these skills to whatever struggles you may have, such as time management, stress management, procrastination, adjustment to college, roommate difficulties, forming healthy relationships, choosing a major and career path, frustration tolerance, coping with setbacks, and practicing healthy habits, such as healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.

The SMAART program is different than traditional counseling, academic advisement, tutoring, and skills training classes. Time management and study skills classes offer universal tips for improving particular skills, but these classes are unable to address the unique needs of each student. Students often get discouraged and may give up if they are not seeing results quickly enough. Furthermore, students will continue to make poor grades as they waste precious time trying to find a solution.

Personalized coaching is the most effective and efficient way to address each person's weaknesses on core psychological skills. When you begin the SMAART Skills Training program, I will develop a unique skill building plan based on your personality and individual needs.

The first appointment begins with a detailed assessment of your history, personality, thinking patterns, and current challenges. After I have an understanding of these issues, I will then create a plan that works for you.

Sign up to begin the program now or to reserve your spot for next semester. To sign up or get more information, please Contact Me at Becker Counseling Services..